iScope Optics | Video Your Hunt

iScope Optics changed the way people film their hunts years ago. The idea came when the original inventor was trying to take a picture using his cell phone through a pair of binoculars. While holding the binonoculars in one hand and his phone in the other, trying to get everything lined up for the perfect picture he realized, "there has to be a better way, and wouldn't it be awesome to do this through my scope as well!" From that moment the iScope and iSpotter were born! iScope is the first device created that would allow a person to connect their smartphone to their scope. iSpotter uses the same concept to allow a person to connect their phone to a spotting scope or pair of binoculars. iScope Optics offers a large variety of different backplates molded to hold a specific model phone and now even offers a universal backplate that will fit almost any phone!


For a Limited Time, you can get your very own Iscope or Ispotter for a significant discount during our GREAT AMERICAN NRA Expo presentation from Feb. 3-11, 2024. Savings valid only in-person, during the show.

ISCOPE: SAVE $50! Regularly $220, you can get yours for a limited time for only $170.

ISpotter: SAVE $40! Regularly $190, you can get yours for limited time for only $150.

1-Veteran and Seniors discount. Save an Additional $10 off your order if you purchase any 2 at the show!

**Please note that the special pricing is for in-person sales at the Great American NRA Expo, From Feb 3-11, 2024. If you cannot attend the show, you may still call-in your order, but unfortunately there is no sales special pricing for call-in orders. Shipping and handling for call-in orders is $25 per item. For call-in orders, Call our Sales Specialist, Dwain, direct at 270-849-4934.